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I Dance

by Gladys W. Muturi 4 years ago in performance poetry

How I Dance

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I swing and sway across the floor with my tall pointe shoes

I stretch between my legs like long pointy toothpicks but till the end of the day I Dance

I Dance to the rhythm of music where I stay and go

I Dance

where I



And I never stop,

I won't stop,

I Dance for new life celebration

On Birthdays, Christmas, and Easter

I push my hands high above the sky and shoot my leg like a gunshot firing through the air

My arms stretched slowly wide open

I look left

Then I look right

Leap, Leap, Leap


Leap,Leap, Leap


Stop! What am I doing?

I’m dancing

I draw my toe into a big circle, I lean backwards with arm like heaven above but till the end of the day I Dance

Here I go

I’m flying across the floor

Trying to fly up above the heavens

But I'm only dancing

I Dance, I Twirl, I Spin

I Stop

And wave goodbye with a bountiful bow

performance poetry
Gladys W. Muturi
Gladys W. Muturi
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Gladys W. Muturi

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