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I Damn Right Know You’re Gonna Be Okay Anyway

by Jaden Dixon 3 years ago in sad poetry
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You're okay.

I heard this song on the radio just the other day,

and it wasn’t until today that I realised it reminded me of you;

and you; and you; and you; and us. And how there were 12 of us,

and how we spent the weekends together and how we made one last

promise on the last day of school and how we never really

have kept that promise.

But i know you’re gonna be okay anyway.

Maybe I should be arrested for writing the lyrics of a song in my writing,

but i feel like the songwriters stole the ideas from my own mind

and i never got the chance to have them copyrighted. And maybe I am

right to think that a little person climbed into my head as I slept

and as i dreamt of us and stole the letters that scrambled to form


But i know you’re gonna be okay anyway

In the songwriters minds the letters formed into words that never seem to

leave my head; scrambling for me to create a meaning to them.

And then, as i remember the promise that we wanted to keep,

and how we used to imagine our own kids following in our footsteps

growing up to create a tight knit group as we would create our

knitting group. and how we told each other to ‘take care’ and

spoke empty words of ‘catching up soon’ and ‘staying in touch.’

And how only now, as i write this amateur piece of writing and become

vulnerable in a way i haven’t been in over a year, i realise that

all the words we spoke were only creating hope that has bred eternal

misery for all 12 of us.

And i remember now that we had created our own forms of ourselves

in this place we thought was reality. And how now, as you travel and you

work and you have sex with a new guy for the first time and how you

get your degree, i realise that it was never reality and we were all forms

of a dependency for one another.

And how now, even though, i still miss you and i want things to

go back inside those locked up gates and i want to laugh

and create more memories and flirt with strangers with 12 humans;

i damn right know, that, you’re okay anyway.

sad poetry

About the author

Jaden Dixon

23 year old artist.

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