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I Cried Today

A Child in a Crowd

By Nick GrahamPublished 2 years ago ā€¢ 1 min read
I Cried Today
Photo by Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

I cried today,

I was alone in a crowd,

And as the world caved in around me,

I saw how forgettable I was.

I cried today,

I was a child curled up full of tears,

My head and heart grew heavy,

As I choked on my ambitions.

God damnit, I cried today.

I showed everyone that child today.

Spiraling in a world so familiar, yet foreign,

I tried to help that child hide away.

Under rubble made of armor,

That child shakingly stood small,

Trying to hold up the weight of every intrusive thought,

While looking around and feeling utterly alone.

I felt a hand today,

A warmth in the cold conundrum of my heart,

A guiding light back out from the rubble,

A gentle barricade from the vicious voices in my head.

I felt a hand today,

It moved in a memorable rhythm,

A comfortable sway back and forth,

With a grip soft enough for me to know I mattered.

I cried today,

I felt alone in a crowd today,

I felt a hand today,

I cherished that hand today.

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About the Creator

Nick Graham

My life has been full of dichotomies, Trauma, but love. Change, but safety. Abandonment, but role models. These differences are shared in my writing and poems with a unique perspective.

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  • Tamara Graham2 years ago

    You have such a great way with words! Beautiful!

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