I Couldn't Save You Then, I'll Save You Now

In Memoriam

I Couldn't Save You Then, I'll Save You Now
The Jacksons.

To some people you were just a breaking news headline,

A 21 year old gone before his time,

"My heart aches for his family",

"Prayers to the Jacksons, Gadsons, Johnsons, and Brackens..please"

You see,

We appreciate those words in our time of need,

But the phone calls, eventually, stop,

People don't mention you as much but when they do they try their best to make it nonchalant,

The check ins grow seldom until they're nonexistent,

Almost as if you never existed...

The world continues to go on as if you never imprinted on it.

Sympathy vs Empathy,

That's the difference between feeling bad versus feeling someone's pain,

Though the compassion from a foreigner, to our situation, is never seen as vain,

They'll just never fully relate unless they go through the same.

Hearing how you ended still stings,

Someone put your life in their hands like clay

and shaped your fate,

I don't give him recognition for his work so I don't speak his name,

But if Lucifer asks, I'll hand it over to the gates of Hell,

It's a ticket he's earned well,

Even though I'm so angry..

I wouldn't wish this misery on even the likes of him, my worst enemy.

Brey, still kisses your photo and laughs while saying "Daddy",

And I cry because God knows I'd do anything to keep him this pure and happy,

To never let him understand that another man ended his father's life with a malicious plan,

And for Kam,

She'll never know your touch,

But for the life of me I'll make sure she feels the warmth of your love.

I won't kill the memories

And leave them to Rest In Peace with your cold grave,

I promise Malik, I won't bury your name....

The earth didn't stop its rotation when your life was finished,

But I'd like to think it mourned, like me, and hesitated on whether to keep going or not for a minute.

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