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I Can't Feel the Walls

by Ames Upward 4 years ago in surreal poetry
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Lover's Art

I am here,

I am forever,

My own muse and masterpiece,

A nameless mute,

As Abundant as the boneyards,

But a poor grave,

The meek braun,

Whose extroversion has met none like,

Just shovels and fables,

Which my gratitude knows no end,

But where are the means to my end,

My brothers and sisters,

With mutual minds and hunger for the bold,

Souls without chains,

How few left there are,

My anxiety is but eagerness,

My impatience, but enthuse,

And my love,

For nothing but the now,

For I am here,

I am forever.


surreal poetry

About the author

Ames Upward

My thoughts and feelings flow out of my mouth and splatter across the walls like a paint. Let my tongue be the brush of your heart and mind. May my words shape a masterpiece of your soul..

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