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I bless the day you left

"single mother"

By Gloria PenelopePublished about a month ago 1 min read
I bless the day you left
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I bless the day you left.

I was pregnant. 

with your child.

I gave birth. 

to a lovely girl.

A blessing in my life.

I carry her.

Every day

In my arms.

She looks like gold. 

Her grin shines like a diamond. 

I named her Blessing.

Her presence

In my life

motivates me.

I work hard

night and day for us

me and her.

I'm still thankful 

for the day you left.

We are content without you.

We're both pals.

You left me.

giving bith to her

made me smile.

She is a sweet little girl.

She brought joy. 

into my existence.

Thanks for making me a proud mom.

A single mother

I am blessed to be with her.

Her presence inspires me.

I adore my daughter.

She is a blessing to me.

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Comments (2)

  • Emos Sibu Poriei (Kaya)about a month ago


  • Mika Okaabout a month ago

    Poignantly beautiful

Gloria PenelopeWritten by Gloria Penelope

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