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I am Small

A poem

By Bridget Delaney Published 3 years ago 1 min read

Im green because I’m small

The blade of grass

That whistles and sings with the wind

And can scrape you if you’re not careful

Im blue because I’m small

The little bird

That caught your eye

And chose not to fly away even if it’s scared

Im red because I’m small

The forbidden berry

That chills on the bush next to the driveway

And is never consumed because you’re scared I could kill you

Im purple because I’m small

The bead on a friendship bracelet

That connects the “I” and “U” with a little white heart

And does so quietly

Im orange because I’m small

The sweetest clementine

That sometimes turns sour

And I apologize if it was unexpected

Im yellow because I’m small

The daisy

That’s a controversial flower

And rumored to be a domestic weed

But I’m the rainbow because I say so

Im as big as colors can possibly be

But I’ll only show when I want to

And you’re lucky if you see it

nature poetry

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