I Am Sandra Bland

by Maria Crank about a year ago in social commentary

Melanated woman, remember who you are.

I Am Sandra Bland

I am intelligent and strong.

This is my nature

No, I do not see anything wrong

My truths are blunt and very real

Yes, quite honestly, at times it can get hard to deal

This is my truth, how I feel.

You do not have to understand this I am aware

However, I know you perceive it is real


How dare you attempt to handle or speak to me

As if your belittling perception dwindles my value or worth.

You do not have to favor me

Even Understand

you will respect

This is not a request

take it as a demand

I have weathered too much to be tripped by a crack.

I am proud of that

There is no harm in this pride

Naturally bestowed, with love

my existence is blessed with endurance

I am good I got mines,

what can you hold?

My presence is not your burden to bear

If you could,

would you really handle with such lack of care?


Much physical has been lost.

I swell with rage

tears tide like ocean waves.

I am calmed with divine grace.

I remember me.

This, trust and believe to be true,

I am immortal.

I have and always will be.

I was here before you,

you were not here before me.

My existence is not limited to one vessel

nor man’s creation time.

My body is of this magical Earth.

My mind is with the Highest Consciousness.

My soul a spirit of this heavenly Universe.

I am Divinity in its physical course.


Reborn again present and true.

Every brown female was jolted.

We love you.

It was not only you.


One year ahead

this eighties baby was slapped in the heart

drop kicked in the soul.

My goodness, they are really out of pocket, they are out of control.

My God, it is true, they want us all dead.

I am not my ancestor.

However, do not get it twisted, they are with me.

This feels too familiar, their warning to me

Indeed unfortunate for you

I am the Nat Turner,

not today my dude.

You won’t get me.

Britain your kid has gone too far,

America shame is all over you.

My parental roots

Mother Africa and Native Americas( prior to colonizing erosion)

say no more!

I do not have to prove to anyone

any aspect of me,

do realize this you will let me be!

Pasts cannot be undone

there is no need to dwell

the present is right now

Take a look around

I am still here.

Living fine and well.

This is my nature, do remember.

I did not and do not have to rob, steal, kill, or lie.

I did not and do not have to give, provide, love or tell the truth.

My existence is warranted all I am provided

accept this truth


If you do not understand,

no love lost.

Continue on your way

we have no need to talk.

I see you, you see me.

Respect, at times

that is all it

needs to be.

I will give

when given to me.

This world is tarnished

The coating unnatural.

I am the cleansing rain.

Feminine properties

universal compounds

I am woman.

I am melanated.

I will and do stand my natural given ground

to exist in safety and peace


I will tear this world down

just to restart it again.

Nature is my mother,

do not try me.


My soul cried the day I read you died in my heart I knew they lied

My essence spoke but I was too weak act

Forgive me love

I love you. I thank you. You are strength

You woke what I could not put back to sleep

I heard my ancestors drum in the silence where your heart beat once danced

I’ll take it from here, you rest now in your joy and peace

You fulfilled your mission as you always have, your way with no regrets

I offer my respects and solace in the form of carrying on all you represent

You are never forgotten

You are loved

You are healed

Your life was felt

You are very real

I am grateful for your strength

I now give mine with just as much intensity

Sister, friend,

reflection of me

Goddess Sandra Bland

I am you

you are me

World, thank you

I am awake

I am up now

I am done speaking with you.

The End.

social commentary
Maria Crank
Maria Crank
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