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I Am Nowhere; I Am Now Here (see what I did there?)

by Monica Wilkinson 9 months ago in surreal poetry
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When Tomorrow Comes

Home is where I have peace, I can dream, and I feel safe.

It’s not that I don’t like it here,

I feel like I can’t just….. be.

I’m like a square peg trying to fit in a circle,

or better yet,

a caged bird that longs to be free.

I spend my days,

the few that I have,

twisting and turning,

acquiescing and contorting,

unseen and conforming,

a version of myself very often believed.

I’m incognito like your favorite super hero.

Suited and masked,

ready to save anyone and everyone,

except of course…

for me.

I tell myself:

“When tomorrow comes,

I’m going to laugh

and dance

and sing.

Unhinge myself from this deception,

because home is a place where I have peace."

It’s not the exterior that is failing,

it’s my inner parts that are yelling.

My soul suspended,

my heart diminished,

my imperfections laid bare for all to see.

I can no longer keep up this exhausting facade....

trying to make this complicated mess look clean.

The cost is too great.

The return too low.

Honestly, it doesn’t earn me the love that I seek.

Obliged to stay alive,

I tell myself:

“When tomorrow comes

I’m gonna kiss the sun,

and hope,

and dare,

and believe,

because home is a place where I can use my faith,

it’s where I effortlessly dream."

It’s never been about the four walls,

nor neighborhood,


or state.

It’s always been about the assignment.

Relationships in perfect timing.

Allegiance and alliance.

Partnership and buy-in.

Uncertain but guided.

Resolute and trying.







Return to sender.

That’s how I surrender.

It’s how I bend and sway,

in the tough seasons I remember:

“As misunderstood and alone as you feel right now,



relentless girl!



"And when tomorrow comes,

I will carve out fun...

be grateful for love,

and joy,

and grace.

Though alone I abide,

this gratitude I can’t hide,

because home is a place where I feel safe."

surreal poetry

About the author

Monica Wilkinson

In a nutshell, creating systems gives me warm fuzzy feelings. Traveling makes feel alive. I'm an extroverted INTROVERT. I love to solve problems for leaders & I thrive in chaos. I write about LIFE. My lessons, my joys, my pains... enjoy!

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