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I Am Not Elegant

by Izzy Galloway 4 months ago in sad poetry


I Am Not Elegant

I wasn't made to be elegant.

Whoever created me didn't think that would be necessary

They didn't think to give me long, slender legs

They didn't think to give me a petite waste and high cheekbones

They were too busy making sure I had fires and waves raging inside of me, all at the same time

They were making sure my shoulders could handle the weight of being something more than just elegant

They gave me a will like iron, yet this iron won't bend, it might strain and creak, but nothing has snapped it yet and it looks like nothing will

They gave me a mind that sometimes feels fragile, but even on the days when it is at it's weakest, it won't crack

My body was made to withstand everything, even myself

That was their one flaw, the one thing they didn't quite get right

They made me so strong, every emotion so strong, that sometimes I am a danger more to myself than anyone else

Some days it is all I can do to not rip my self to pieces and throw away the glue

I wasn't made to be elegant.

sad poetry
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