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I am limitless, I am free

Powerful Motivation Poem

By VIDHYASAGARPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Every challenge, every setback

Has made me stronger, has helped me grow

I won't let obstacles stand in my way

I'll keep pushing forward, come what may.

I've learned to trust, I've learned to love

I've learned that life is just a game

And I'll keep playing, I'll keep moving

With my head held high, and my heart always grooving.

So here I am, with my eyes on the prize

Growth, it's what I'm striving for

I'll keep growing, night and day

'Cause growth, it's what makes me say

"I am limitless, I am free

I am me, and that's who I'll be.

I'll keep growing, I'll keep shining

'Cause growth, it's what makes me climbing."


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