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I am colour

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By Cameron KitchenPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Rainbow Art

I am colour

I’m an artist that uses all the colours of the rainbow when I paint I just let the colours flow ever so slow .Laying down the paint till im pouring every last drop from my bowl.

I know yellow and blue make green thats how i make my grass for my painting.Red and yellow make orange like when the sun is setting .

Blue and red make purple like the flowers beside my bed .Black and blue make a colour of the night sky.And red and white make pink like those flowers that smell so good on the window ledge by the sink. Every time I do a painting blending colours will always have me thinking.And sometimes I’ll stare at it for hours without blinking. But in the end I’ve got a masterpiece that is as beautiful as a rainbow just take a look and tell me what you thinking .NowI’ve got to go because I’ve got a million paint brushes waiting for a good cleaning.Art is my everything , you never know how that rainbow will leave you feeling,seeing,and thinking.Almost like a piece of my art that I hope you will all be seeing ,and hopefully it gives you the same good feelings.


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