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I am an eagle bathing in fire

by Komla Akter about a month ago in art
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I am an eagle bathing in fire

I always like to think of myself as an eagle bathing in fire, wearing a clear wind and facing the rising sun, flying freely in the air, spreading a pair of powerful wings, roaming in the boundless, shuttling in the clouds and soaring between heaven and earth in the posture of a winner... Let the proud heaven and earth know my existence with an earth shaking attitude; Let all creatures know my existence with the spirit that I belong to

The sky is born to be the world of eagles. Freedom is the blood of eagles. Eagles flying high look down on the earth like appreciating a beautiful picture. Look, here, the grass is like green felt; Look, over there, it's as beautiful as a chessboard. Yellow, green, green and ink, the paths are natural. Only the eagle will know that it can fly high and look far; Only the eagle will understand that it will be the top of the mountain and see the beauty of the mountains

I am an eagle bathing in fire. My life has long been destined to accompany the sun and moon and wind and rain. Because of the condescending momentum, because of the strong wind with high wings, thousands of miles of sky and white clouds, it is just a dream I can never finish... I have long been used to boiling blood, I have long been filled with pride, and freedom has long melted into my life

The uninhibited wind has cast my steel like muscles and bones, giving my body tenacious support; The cold shower gave birth to my character of never admitting defeat. No matter how difficult it is, I will be calm and calm. What I do is to spread a pair of proud wings, face the wind, rain and drive the clouds, paint the most beautiful figure of life and play the most moving string sound of life

In my eyes, the high mountain beams are not majestic. They are scattered in the ditch like small clay balls played at will in childhood; The surging rivers are no longer unstoppable. They are like a few small strings, bending like lines and calm like mirrors

The stronger the wind, the stronger my wings are; The faster the rain, the more calm my wings are; The thicker the clouds, the more solemn my wings are... Because I am born a bloody eagle. Being open and aboveboard is my sign, being neither humble nor arrogant is my habit, and being proud of the world is my blood

I am a bloody eagle. I have a tenacious and long life. When my claws begin to age and can no longer effectively catch prey; When my sharp beak became long and curved, almost touching my chest, and it was no longer difficult to eat; When my feathers become long and thick, my wings are extremely heavy, and I can no longer fly... At this time, I either die in obscurity, or I hold my soul by the throat and fight for life with all my strength

At this time, I will try my best to fly to the cliff on the top of the mountain, beat the rock with my sharp beak until the sharp beak falls off completely, and then quietly wait for the birth of a new beak; Then, I will use my new beak to pull out my toenails one by one and endure the great pain of drilling my heart; When the new toenails grow out, I will pull out the feathers one by one for the regeneration of new feathers... When the wings expand again, I will roar, break free from the cage of the earth and fly back to my sky... The eagle after bathing in the fire will understand that only by breaking through its own limitations can I regain its rebirth; Only by breaking through their own shackles can we make life reach the extreme

I'm proud. I'm an eagle bathing in fire. The reason why I fly high is to escape the miasma of the world, because I don't want to bear the name of unclean; The reason why I fly far is to pursue my ideal, because I always have a dream in my heart. I also deeply know that it is definitely not a simple thing to fly alone in the helpless high altitude. If you have tears, you have to wipe them yourself; If you have pain, you have to bear it yourself; If you are ill, you have to carry it yourself. Live by yourself; Death depends on yourself. However, for the sake of ideal, I'd rather fly to the end of the sky. For the sake of ideal, I'd rather forget all the pain. Because I understand that only flying alone is the closest place to the dream

An eagle has no natural power to defeat me, because it has no natural power to defeat me. In front of me, there has never been any mountain that can't fly over; In my eyes, there has never been a river that can only cross... In this age of silence and lethargy, I am very happy, because I am still an eagle bathing in the fire

Thinking is to remember.


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