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I Am A Perfect Piece Of Artistry

by Fiona Teddy-Jimoh about a year ago in inspirational
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All the colours used to colour me inside my frame glows with pride.

I Am A Perfect Piece Of Artistry
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

My form, deliberate.

Every curve,

Every roll.

With strokes of deep taupe,


And chocolate,

To paint my brown skin.

My eyes, coffee-coloured.

My lips,

Walnut and rosewood.

I blink lashes of liquorice

To match my liquorice curls and swirls.

My form, intelligent.

Every line,

Every edge.

With willow-blue veins

Teasing my rich mocha hands,

My rich mocha thighs,

My rich mocha feet.

A vibrant intricate system,


And sculptured with patience and grace

To carry my maroon blood,

From my maroon heart.

My form, beautiful.

Every patch,

Every mark.

With blotches of brown-stone,


And cedar,

To decorate me to completion.

I am a work of art

And all the colours used to colour me,

Inside my frame,

Glows with pride.

I am a perfect piece of artistry.


About the author

Fiona Teddy-Jimoh

Finding innovative ways to connect creative writing with technology in order to deliver an immersive digital experience.

My name is Fiona Teddy-Jimoh and welcome to my world.

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