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I Am

by Miss Riddle 5 years ago in inspirational
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I am only because I once was.

I am only because I once was

The night once the day, swallowing purity to the dark

For to have lived each branch

You must have felt every leaf

Every drop of rain, every sprouting seed

I am strong because I was once weak

Locking myself away so the world couldn’t see

I am wise because I have been foolish

Learning to sift through the realm of reality

Has made me adapt to change instead of resisting

I am a fighter because I have lost

Gave up before I had even begun

I am alive because I was once dead

I have a soul now, once not to be found

Courage of a lion, heart of Mother Earth

The will to bring a change into this place is bound

By the need to always move ahead, look forward

I am truthful because I have lied

I believe in family forgiveness and never to hide

I have been every shade of the rainbow

But I am only because I once was

© Thy Phoenix Fountain


About the author

Miss Riddle

Wordsmith/Poet ~ Alchemist ~ Philosopher ~ High Maintenance Hippie ~ Modern Day Shaman ~ Theologian

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