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I love deeper than deep

I move quicker than fast.

I set my goals on my future, and

I'm not held back by my past.

Grew up with a mentality of if you’re not first

You’re last.

Now I learned the feeling once I let my foot off the gas.

I am developed in a world of impossible, but

still, I succeed knowing I myself am possible.

I have a need to be me

a need to be free.

I spread my wings and fly

knowing with dedication my dreams will never die.

If life really is a battle can you hear my cry?

Global warming is real

the earth is beginning to dry

so am I.

I’m not with the violence

I want peace

no eye for an eye

no high or low

just a bunch

Of humans coming together

to shine and glow,

then we grow.

Choose our road

live our life, and

steal the show.

Support the others

when they’re feeling low.

But I guess only if you're into

that type of stuff you know?

Truthfully I believe I’m crazy enough

to think I can change the world.

Scratch that.

I mean not

me, but we.

20/20 is fast approaching

by then I hope a lot of us can see.

We all have a price to pay

As ambition goes up

So does the fee.

My goal is to stand tall.

As tall as a tree

with my brothers and sisters to left and right of me.

Random, but my favorite

letter in the alphabet is a “t.”

You’ll get it if you get it.

If you do

don’t forget it.

If you don’t

don’t sweat it.

Let me know,

and Just know

our hands don’t make the connection

so like soccer I’ll show you where I'm headed.

I hope the best for all,

and send my thoughts above me.

Hoping more love and peace will one day touch the country.

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