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Hungry but helping…

Love shines in deficiency too…

By Ekta K. Kalra Published 9 months ago 3 min read

A tool to knit

A tool too tight

let me have a similar tool

to brighten all alive

human to human

face to face

journey flowing

up in race.

let us face

life again

with strength supreme

with joys after sane

from home to home

from town to town

let me knit in each human

a joy instead of frown.

I will go knit tight

I won’t leave self

for another choice

from city to city

from tower to tower

let each human smile


let me knit inner beauty

in every woman

in every mom a joy

a precious child

within easy apoly

this be just

this be high

life begins as tool

life ca rise above the sky.

thinga of beauty

we apply.

let me knit wisdom

let me knit out pain

let me knit in lovely gain

of things that are sane.

and when I knit in

my fingers pain

I don’t mind mom

a pain for this gain

of better world

of better in thoughts

of lighter joys

without heaviness of storm

i speak to my heart

I hear nothing outside

there is occupancy of mind

with love for life.

when I knit better

will no one praise

why you thought poor mom

i knit for our better in days

I knit for world

for many poor in shame

for many poorer still

with no wool to knit

the world again.

I knit as scholar

realising the society holes

I have to set free

every poor girl in cage

the world will smile

when sane again

i knit for peace

I knit not for shame

I knit for not me

for not even my fame.

i king for poor

tattered in and shattered

whom rich don’t repair

I knit for a home of pain

so that it doesn’t enters in

any other place

I knit not for God‘s grace for me

I nri not for you mom

nor for me

I knit for happiness

to stay in every place

I make a colourful cap

for the new borns

without mom

without food for the day

I knit not for me

for I can stay safe in snow

I don’t need more clothes

i knit a little for you mom

so that you get food

for us to live one more day.

when the snow shook

me last night mom

i was afraid

but nay not for me

I knit for girls of my age

I knit for old ones

and new ones

I knit for whole human race.

I won’t write my name

I shouldn’t be known mom

else world will weep

how without food

I use to sleep?

how without enough of clothes

storm ate me

nay, I will never print my name

not for fame

but for service

where self is no where

bringing home destiny

I saw many poor like me

I dropped my destiny

on the floor

for them to collect and eat

I love you mom

I love to eat

but we won’t die

if we knit for world’s


we will live another day

with snow

I know Mom the world will know

but no one cares

for a fading day

we will serve the world

and one day

go hungry away

we won’t even pray to God

for self

else God won’t have enough

for every home

let us be torn Mom

let us be at no home

we will love the storms

we will work for lame

we will create the world

a lovely place



we will make the world

a lovely, loving place

with these tiny words

I heart

is dead with

hunger and storm

my tiny girl

is dead in storm


About the Creator

Ekta K. Kalra

I am in search of something inside of me which I know cannot be found outside of me. Real knowledge!

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