by chris Kafunda about a year ago in social commentary

My Home


"There is no place like home, home is where the heart dwells", throughout space and time the only one to look out for me is my God and you, my kind, my Humankind, the only race I know. Yes we fought and hurt each other, some more than the other, but at the end, when it's all said and done, "You are my home, my only home" in spite of your resilience towards Unity. If the world was to end today, you would knock on my door, to fight the end, because we are fighters, but we are family too. History forgets to emphasize on how without me there is no You and without you there is no I. Yes you have harmed me, and maybe still are, but you make up my whole world, humankind. I love you as a friend, as a sister, as a Lover, and as a mother... my black skin feels alive with your white skin here, my skin feels alive with your Asian skin here, my skin feels alive with Hispanic skin alive, my skin feels alive with your middle-eastern skin here, my skin feels alive with your black skin alive.

If our skins colors could speak they would say

"We are innocent, we never meant for this division, the heart of a greedy man used us against one another, we know this because, put my black in touch with white, I feel so alive , in touch with Asian, I feel so alive, in touch with my Hispanic, I feel so alive, in touch with my black, I still feel alive, therefore, we are innocent, the greedy man convinced the mind of a non-existent difference."

Human race the only race of man.

We tend to unite in dark days and divide in bright days.

The persecutor tells himself it is for the good of my people, my kind, my nation. "I look out for them" But the persecutor isn't wise at all. For he had given up on his people the moment he preached "Difference, separation." The moment he forgot or never knew there is only Humankind, Human race, he fought against his own, while chanting, "I am defending my own, my pride, my nation." What a fool, right?


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