How Valuable Is Your Time?

by Rafia Umar 10 months ago in surreal poetry


How Valuable Is Your Time?

As slowly as the second hand of a clock moves across numbers,

It moves across the minute hand when it’s time,

Time changes and change takes time,

It takes time to heal wounds,

It takes time to learn from mistakes,

It takes time to change our ways,

It takes time to forgive, time to forget,

The clock keeps ticking and time waits for

no one,

Change keeps catching up and life keeps moving on,

Don’t wait for your turn,

It’s never your turn and it will never be,

Because time never looks back or switch back and forth,

It just keeps moving ahead.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Time waits for no one.

surreal poetry
Rafia Umar
Rafia Umar
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