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How Much I Can Bear

by Brandon Branch 3 years ago in sad poetry
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Just How Much...

My mind is fogged and clouded.

I try to see what the picture is.

But it's all just a blur.

My heart can't bear the pain that it inflicts onto my withered flesh.

My very being in this world feels... Bland.

Wandering aimlessly like lambs to slaughter.

I wonder how much I can bear...

How much I can take...

This pain that's inflicted on me festers about.

And it leaves me rotting and decaying inside.

Until I feel, nothing...

Like a hollowed shell of my former self.

Why has this happened?

Are these the cards I'm dealt from God?

It's at times like these I really think.

I yearn for the liberation from this wretched world...

And to finally find true freedom.

In peace and silence.

I wonder how much I can bear...

sad poetry

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Brandon Branch

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