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How else?

by Marcus Hill 2 months ago in sad poetry
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On Understanding

How else?
Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Effort means nothing if the impact is neglected by a view that demands more. Getting close seems impossible, as the idea of quitting becomes flirtatious with inner feelings. Adjusting is useless if every twist comes with another alteration needed to fit correctly. Those who are use to being carried always seem to demand more simply because they don't understand how heavy they actually are. Once walking on their own they will wonder why carrying them is to much instead of appreciating how far they have been brought. Everyone must be held accountable, but once the idea of being unsupported is directed to those who remain beside them at times of no benefit making the helping hand weak. Pressure forces the choice of growth or the option of quitting, but when effort is taken for granted then the "how else" effect will begin.

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sad poetry

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Marcus Hill

Words speak louder than anything on earth, Keep writing…. Keep speaking…

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