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How Do You Measure Success?

By Roberto Alago

By Roberto AlagoPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read

How Do You Measure Success?

By Roberto Alago

Once, at the Southside Church in Jonesboro, GA, I heard the preacher say “not everyone measures success in the same way.” In an instant the words for this poem began to flow through my mind...

How Do You Measure Success?

In our own ways, we measure success …

The lion, by catching a prey

the prey, by running away.

The Constructor, by building up

the Demolisher, by tearing down.

Jesus, by giving you a life crown

and Satan by making you frown.

The Arsonist, by starting a blaze

the Fireman, by the flames quenched.

The Hitman, by taking a life

the Physician, by a life saved.

The pilot, by a safe landing

the Derby Driver, by a wrecking crash.

The Businessman, by expanding

the Homeless, by food in the trash.

The Artist, by a new painting sold

the Collector, when the art is old.

I... by the love of my children. Yes!

and You? ...

How do you measure success?

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About the Creator

Roberto Alago

Born in PR. Married, Father of four and Grandfather of eight. Soldier, Computer Expert. Admissions Associate at Interactive College Of Technology. A versatile man with interests too numerous to list; including: Acting and Public Speaking.

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