Hounds of Disgust

by Spencer funk 12 days ago in slam poetry


Hounds of Disgust
They’re free

Hounds of disgust

The opposite of intriguing

Feeling only nothing

The face of deformity

Cannot stand its own complexity

It faces narcissistic tendencies

Jumping on each of my brittle bones

With a need to snag

Jagged projection

I cannot move as these events unfold around me

I may only helplessly watch

My being is stiff from the moons strong rays

Being pulled upward

At the same time

Never destined to touch a star outside of our reach

It was a last minute arrangement

There is no compassion is this sects eyes

The chooser

Only the want of the beast

When it comes time for the hounds to follow through

They do not hesitate although you might

How do I escape?

The endless cycle of fighting for the star within

Will the dog days ever end?

Or will they always be coming for me?

slam poetry
Spencer funk
Spencer funk
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