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Hot Water

by Aaron

By Aaron RichmondPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Hot Water
Photo by Tanner Marquis on Unsplash

Water from the shower head sputters.
Growing colder,
I awaken prematurely.
Shaking my head and grunting brusque,
I remember starting the dishwasher.
Provides steady counter-rhythm
Against the beat of water on formica.
I imagine the machine rattling in rage beneath the counter.
The degrees rapidly drop,
Sending my attention on a spiral through time.
I remember what it is to spend time without running water;
Huddled beneath a dribbling tap,
Liquid soap smeared by hand against dry skin,
Mouth closed against bacterial invasion.
Feeling the memory so vividly
I shut the water off,
Suddenly aware of the privilege and responsibility
That comes with hot water.
Who am I?
No better now than before.
Certainly not one who needs hot water.
Shivering on the slick porcelain floor,
Remembering what it is to be cold and wet,
Time passes,
The promise of drier hours become recognizable.
Remembering what it is to draw a bath
By candlelight and tea kettle,
Boiling flesh,
A testament to impetuous desire to recreate the womb.
Waiting for the water heater
To refill and reheat,
I must only do nothing.
I huddle against the cold,
Remembering to remember,
Gathering wool that will never provide warmth.
My reverie offers silent melody.
Unrelenting insistence that luxuries matter,
That we must indulge while we can.
Today will take care of itself,
In accordance with my wallet.
I re-engage the faucet,
The water in the pipes growing tepid with inaction.
Rivulets of fresh memories run through my hair,
Dripping in chilly awareness on my thighs
Before flowing into the depths of the greasy drain pipe.
Was I overeager, greedy, in my need for creature comfort?
Sinfully hot once more,
The cost has been appropriately paid.
Exulted by the baptismal font,
I offer gratitude to the water.
Everything runs down the drain-
We should all be so lucky.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran5 months ago

    This felt so blissful! So wonderful! Loved your poem!

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