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by Jaclyn Sanchez 8 months ago in performance poetry
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From birth through our ages

Home brings different pages

Chapter one is a beginning

The attraction of living

We walk, crawl and climb

Into arms that are not mine

What does home mean to you?

That is our chapter two

A sister and a brother

A father and a mother

From house to a home

From birth till we are grown

We live different chapters

Each one different, though they all matter

Home feels different with each passing age

Though story remains on the page

We grow from a baby to a teen to an adult

Life throws us a coaster

From it we ride a catapult

But with with home we are found

Whether it a building or feeling

A moment or some arms

Hugs can be quite revealing

I found home when I found family

The perfect people for my tribe

Each one of them different

We all combined to the survive

So home for me is everything

It could be a hotel or a house

A tent or an RV

So long it’s with them

All is well.

performance poetry

About the author

Jaclyn Sanchez

intuitive Poet, working to finding the right publisher for my second book.

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