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by Deborah McCarrick 4 years ago in fact or fiction

Nowhere to Go

It's cold and wet and windy

And there's a chance that it will snow

I really should be moving

But I've nowhere else to go

People rushing here and there

They pass me by all day

I ask them for some change

But they never look my way

I used to be like them once

A job, a house, a wife

Where did it go, I just don't know

A circumstance of life

It all came crashing round my ears

Then all I had was drink

And now I sit here homeless

With all this useless time to think

We're not all hopeless addicts

I couldn't take the pain

I would do things oh so differently

If I had the chance again

But the chance has gone, I'll carry on

Still sat here on my own

Just me, my thoughts, my cardboard box

The box that I call home

fact or fiction

Deborah McCarrick

I write poetry and have been doing for many years. I specialise in real life poetry, everyday poems about real life situations. I have my own poetry page, @reallife poetry and also have had a poetry book published, 'Revelation of a Dream'

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Deborah McCarrick
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