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by Haden M. 3 years ago in social commentary

A Poem

Photo by Parker Johnson on Unsplash

Everyday I wake up confused.

I never know if I'll be sad, mad, or possibly happy

I'm always wondering what will be on the news.

but I know that this world will still be really crappy.

It's a pain to enjoy the day anymore,

constantly thinking about what could go wrong

Any day we could have nuclear war,

but I hope this worry isn't lifelong.

I hope for a better world some day

but time is going by slow.

I hope a hero come along the way

to help us all grow.

I hope there's a better outlook for the future,

and I hope these years just go down as a blooper.

social commentary
Haden M.
Haden M.
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Haden M.
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