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By MalikSaira MaqboolPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Mahdi Dastmard on Unsplash

In the darkest night, a flickering light,

A beacon of strength, shining so bright.

Amidst the chaos and struggles we cope,

There resides a force, the essence of hope.

When storms of despair cloud the azure sky,

And tears fill the hollows, as dreams pass by,

Hope gently whispers, "Keep faith in your heart,

For every ending is a brand-new start."

It dances with courage through trials untold,

A lifeline of solace for hearts that unfold.

When all seems lost, it lends a helping hand,

Guiding us forward, to a promised land.

In the depths of despair, it plants a seed,

A tender sprout that blossoms with each need.

It paints vibrant rainbows on the dreariest days,

Bathing the world in its comforting rays.

Hope mends shattered hearts, heals wounded souls,

Igniting the embers where passion unfolds.

It mends broken wings, teaching us to fly,

Unleashing the strength that was meant to defy.

Through wars and conflicts, it endures the fight,

Uniting divided souls with purest light.

It carries the dreams of the weary and lost,

Reviving their spirits, no matter the cost.

So let us embrace hope with open arms,

Unveiling the beauty, dispelling the harms.

For in its embrace, we shall rise and prevail,

Transforming our world, like an enchanted tale.

For hope is the flame that shall never wane,

A force that transcends every struggle and pain.

In its eternal presence, we shall find a way,

To brave the unknown, with hope as our stay.

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About the Creator

MalikSaira Maqbool

My writing is inspired by my own life experiences.I'm passionate about exploring the complexities human relationships and I'm always looking for ways to bring out the beauty in everyday.So come along for the ride and join me on my journey!

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  • Real Poetic7 months ago

    You are phenomenal !! 😍

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