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Hope Theory Poetry

by Julitha 2 years ago in surreal poetry

Poem #1

Watering my roots.

It all started when I jumped the back fence and ran down the street,

It was winter and I didn’t have any shoes on my feet,

This will be fine, this will be easy,

I can still taste the 14year old lemon squeezy,

The train ride over the nine skies made me queezy,

I found a small hut that sold fresh fruit,

There a lady making straw bags out of her boot,

I thought This is not my vision This isn’t part the plan,

But next to the green boy selling ceiling fans,

I don’t know why but I decided to follow this really tall curly liquorice man,

I was thirsty, so he gave me a drink,

And Thank god for all the dirty dishes in his sink,

Because at least I know I got to eat today,

We went for a walk and I saw all these mermaids at bay,

I asked him why are they all so close to the shore,

He said because it’s your birthday, you made it to 24.

He straightened he tie,

And tried his very best not to cry.

Happy Birthday little brown girl.

I put on my flower dress and did a twirl,

We stepped into a building with long and wide paintings,

He guided me into a primary coloured room with all the same things,

I looked at him confused...

he stuck his curly fingers into his eye socket and pulled the fuse.

I danced around the room.. until I saw a thick mono brow, a monkey and some flowers..

I could hear the ticking of the long and short hours,

She got up and started to walk away..

I mean she can’t be expected to smoke cigarettes and sit there all day,

But I said no..don’t go wait I need her,

I looked at the painting and said.. you were some sort of female leader,

I’m in a circus - that’s the ringleader,

She replied, no he’s lying.. that man is a planet reader,

You should leave because your his universe feeder..

Well I fell in love, she had a very sliced demeanour,

I whispered back ‘I’m sorry you lost your baby Frida.’

I blew her a kiss, she gave me a wink..

I stood alone.. she had gone in a blink.

I danced around until it was time to go..

we had to wait until the diamond water had gotten low,

We walked into the moonlight and my skin began to glow,

I turned to him and said, Man you have no idea what kind life I’ve lived,

He said, try me you have no idea how much love I’ve gived,

So I said, well I ran as fast I could, I didn’t look back,

I started off with clothes on my back,

He said no no, start from the start,

Well that’s really long story.. like what part?

I was born in Morwatua, Mother Theresa's Orphanage 1996,

Then Placed in a circus tent doing magic tricks,

Vanilla swirl and caramel lean, adopted me rich and steady with the biggest house id ever seen,

Tables and knives were thrown, but no broken bones,

Liquor was poured, 3 am banging on the front door,

The love never lasted and they soon departed,

He said.. that’s so sad but why?

I shrugged and then I began to cry,

Cinnamon tears rolled down my cheeks,

I came up with all these scenarios in my head that would only last a couple of weeks,

I could be an alien from a different a planet,

My first vinyl was MJ’s sister, Janet,

Humans don’t have the right technology to send me home,

That’s why my family missed out.. because now I’m all grown..

You have all these drones.. humans invented iPhones..But I still can’t mend my broken bones?

This planet has their priorities all wrong,

There’s no queue I really didn’t think I’d have to wait this long,

He said, that’s really sad but where would you even begin to look?

Well I’m not sure so that why I decided to write this book.

But Mya.. don’t you think the war is over?

No.. I don’t. It’s not fair where’s my closure?!

How dare you tell such a great lie?!

I stood up and looked him dead in the eye,

You’re just pretending you can’t understand me?

And The war is not over until I find my family.

surreal poetry

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I like to write short stories and poetry.

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