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Homestead Dreams

by Jenna Rae Mueller 5 months ago in art
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Homestead Dreams
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

As I dive down the rabbit hole that is researching my family's roots --- both on my deceased mother's side and my absent father's side and on each of their mother and father's side and so on -- I can't help but think about homesteads.

A homestead with a good community support sounds like a dream to me.

Did it feel like a dream to them?

I suppose it was just their way of life in those times. So, the answer is most likely no. However, I could be wrong on some level given the fact that staying rural seems to be a family theme.

At what point did we forget how to best use the herbs and plants growing around us?

At what point did we forget how to preserve food?

At what point did we forget how to govern ourselves?

These questions, I ask myself, but -- does the answer really matter?

How can I learn more?

How can I be more self-sufficient?

How can I teach my young ones these arts so that they hold them in their toolkit for when I no longer walk this earth?


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