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by Sabine Lucile Scott about a year ago in slam poetry
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Sentiments Situated in a Dwelling Place

Soufflé from before I stopped eating eggs.

Feeling laid back and relaxed

Because I let my OCD out a couple days

Before and cleaner than usual.

Charcoal looking out the window.

Rubbing down my male cat,

Charcoal, who spend a lot of time alone,

But seems satisfied with just a few minutes

Of intense fur massage per day.

Watching a tv show while I play a video game.

An hour of yoga on the floor.

My female cat Millipede...

Tracking soil on the floor of my room.

Vegan huevos rancheros and arugula.

Yet another pile of books that I am

Thinking about reading, but haven't really gotten to yet.

Making up another vegan concoction based on some omnivorous dish I am


One of my paintings a couple of months ago.

No questions about how many hot, caffeinated drinks I've had today.

Weird architectural features

That are not found in other buildings.

A lot more clothing and books than I need.

Driving myself insane trying to decide which one of my paintings I should

Work on next.

Night cream for face.

No alcoholic drinks, in the cabinet, in the fridge, and definitely not in my


Being sort of in love with my desk lamps, late at night when I am doing


Long showers and warm nights because of the solar hot water panels on the


Cutting multi-colored roses from my little rose bush out back.

Modern blocky toys that click together.

Lining up my shoes in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Napping during the day because I can't help it.

Playing with the hose and watering plants out front and in the side yard,

But not as often as I should.

One of my cats laying down on my abdomen while I am asleep, making me

Want to stay lying down and pushing my spine down to a better position.

slam poetry

About the author

Sabine Lucile Scott

Hi! I am a twenty-nine year old college student at San Francisco State University majoring in Mathematics for Advanced Studies. I plan to continue onto graduate school in Mathematics once I am finished the plethora of courses which remain.

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