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The beauty and magic in returning home.

By Annie McDonaldPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

As I speed along the

brown, dusty road

I can sense the


in the air.

Surrounding me are

emerald green paddocks,

dotted throughout

with towering camps of gums.

Sentinels of this

cherished place.

I take a deep breath

feeling the cool, shimmering air

envelop my lungs,

as the triumphant

sense of freedom

washes all over me.

The magic, you see

is in this homecoming.

When I am away, it feels as if

time here stands still.


the abundant life here keeps on going

but my place it in is frozen,

left open for me to return to

when I can.

The closer I get,

the less my head feels like

it's underwater;

the less my mind feels like it going to


from the endless

expectations and encumbrances

that sometimes suffocate me.

My car kicks up the dirt

and I pass over the metal grate;

the final trial

to overcome,

to enter

the heart of

this magical place.

I look to my right and

see the belligerant bachelor and

his adoring ladies

staring lazily back at me.

A weight drops off my shoulders.

I look to my left and

see the hapless hens being

rounded up by the happy hound

who hears the car and races to catch up.

Another weight falls.

I look ahead

and there it is.

All the weight in the world comes crashing down from me.

The ruby roof sparkling in the sunshine, winking at me.

The wrap-around verandah opening its arms in welcome.

The spiky topped palm trees, waving gently at me in the breeze.

And two of the people

I care most about in the world

waiting for me to arrive.

This is it.

I am free.

I am floating.

I am home.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Annie McDonald

Writing to heal and appreciate the world surrounding me.

Short  stories, memoirs, poetry and everything in between.

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