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Home Was You

by Mrs. Day 29 days ago in sad poetry

A dedication to my daddy. RIP

Home Was You
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Home was the sour taste of grapefruit

we'd share at breakfast

Home was the smell of salmon croquettes

you'd let me help make

Home was the tickle of root beer floats

we'd have as a treat

Home was always wherever you were

Home was the sound of life lessons

that soothed me to sleep

Home was the comfort of your smile

that warmed my heart

Home was the love of your embrace

that secured my safety

Home was always wherever you were

Home is in the notes of the song

reminding me of you

Home is in the random flashbacks

reminding me to keep going

Home is in my sons' 'I love you's

reminding me you're here

Home is within my soul where you are

sad poetry

Mrs. Day

Everything I am, I am for other people. I am looking to get to know who I am for myself through my writing.

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Mrs. Day
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