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Home is a Battlefield

by Caroline Jane 8 months ago in inspirational
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Home is a Battlefield
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

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Home is a Battlefield

She was born between the sheets of shattered incompleteness. A surprise event that was devil sent. A hallmark to her mother's weakness.

She carried the burden of her impropriety throughout her formative years. Hawking the baggage of a mother's life lost down rivers of bittersweet tears.

But despite the weight of the unwanted freight hope burned within her heart. Another way, a brighter day, was always about to start.

She found a kinship with the dirt beneath a visionary's nails. As they clawed through all life's certainties. Ploughing their blazing trails.

By Ricardo Soria on Unsplash

She would look for herself in the beginnings of things, on the battlefield of life's frontiers. In the guiding lights of a bloody fight or the salt in a pioneer's tears.

She opened her heart to lonely souls pushing her face into their rain. Then thank God for all the hurt she felt. There were gains inside that pain.

Her hope could soak up the blood and sweat of warriors worn from the fray. She became a rallying cry in do or die. "Get up and fight another day!"

After each battle won, she'd be up and gone through the shadows that scratched around life's side. An oddity in a definite world. Both within it and aside.

By Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

Of no fixed base and of no race she could lose herself in any crowd. A faceless fit. A categorical misfit. Of undisclosed origin... and proud.

Her hope was inextinguishable. It burnt through every tear. Adversity her certainty. She was forged in a world of fear.

Her home was inside all these cracks in life. They promised change was close at hand. She could forever break down and be built again. On fresher, fertile land.

By Herbert Goetsch on Unsplash


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Caroline Jane

Dedicated Musketeer.

Bringing it every day, getting it wrong a lot, and then trying all over again!

Co-founder of the Vocal Creators Chronicle

Co-founder of Vocal Social Society and Great Incantations on Facebook.

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