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by Tahlia Hunter 3 months ago in performance poetry

It is those who truly love us and allow us to express ourselves authentically while accepting us fully who feel like home.

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Sometimes people will make you feel at home

While others times they will make you feel

More alone than ever before.

On the same page

Or separated


Or distant.

However ultimately

They do not have ownership

Over you and your life.

And you can choose

Not to build a home

Create an identity

And forge a future

Based upon those

Who broke and battered you

As you are ultimately in charge

Of your own destiny

And who you wish to share it with you.

You can instead choose

To redirect your energy and attention

Towards the people

Who are aligned with you

And are able to actively show up for you.

To hold onto the people

Who truly listen to you and care about you

To hold onto the connections

That help you feel more connected with yourself

And aligned with your purpose and goals

And to hold onto the moments and memories

That are special and precious

Where you are able to be fully present with others

And heard, appreciated and understood.

Because there will be people

Who allow you

To open yourself up

And express yourself fully and vulnerably

There will be people

Who help you grow more in touch with yourself

And the essence and core of your identity

And there will be people

Who celebrate and embrace you fully

And these are the people

Who feel like home.


performance poetry

Tahlia Hunter

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Tahlia Hunter
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