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by Dee Jay Kay about a year ago in social commentary
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What does home mean to me?

Home is where the heart is

At least that’s what has been said

But if Home is where the heart is

Then what about the head

There are plenty of places that,

Can be called a home to many.

But when I think about it

Do I agree with any?

Look at what we have

The culture in which we grow

There’s no place like home

But how are we to know?

Home sweet home, sewed or stitched

A constant security blanket

In which we feel safe

Or just another gambit?

Is home a four walled building

In which I rest my head

Or a city of rock and roll

So inside we don’t feel dead

The dictionary defines

Home: a place in which we reside

But if that is all it is

What about those people we confide

Home is all of these

For me that must be true

But the best place of all

Home is whenever I’m with you

social commentary

About the author

Dee Jay Kay

Hello there people, I am an amateur writing, interesting in getting my work out there, and for people to read it. Let me know what you think. Dee Jay Kay x

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