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I felt like vomiting my thoughts on a page and not cleaning it up.

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Home goes beyond places.

Home can be people

Home can be actions

I need you to know there is home

Everywhere you go; it

Won't exist without your soul.

For me, home is when I sit

Next to the kitchen window

With a cup of tea in my Naruto mug

And a hip-hop playlist drifting

Out of the speakers of this rundown laptop.

Home is also laying on someone's lap

And letting them play with my hair

(She is called Mathilda)

As I read and slowly

Fall asleep.

I have always been afraid of the dark.

But darkness has been home to me too.

The only time I have true peace

Is in the middle of the night when everyone is


But the darkness that exists in my brain

Has also been home to me;

Depression has not abandoned me.

A house may be cold and empty

Your brain can be messy and achy

But it is still home.

They say home is where the heart is

So as long as your heart beats

Home shall forever exist.

I wonder now as I stare at the beating cursor

Whether I have created many homes online too

This platform with my thoughts

Is a safe filled with small fragments of me.

A diary which will exist even after I am gone -

A home which no one can ever undo.

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