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That's Weird...

I'm beginning to notice my bars...

captivity was never really noticeable to me

but now, I see them iron arms from floor to ceiling

barred from access to the Gods...

follow false men draped in cloths.

This is life now...

US or them...

hate, destroy,

buy, obey

go against them die today

or you're labelled

out your head

strapped and snuggly to a bed

wrapped in bandage white room for days...

while they scribble on some papers about your cooky fucked up ways.

Or you're famous! Maybe TV overdosed or underpaid or needy...

or maybe baby, your top story lost his marbles killed a bunch of android zombies.

Tomcat fools and pedophiles dressed in Abercrombie

baby...this is life now.

Don't need a wife now, just Tinder touch or two, or three or four or five million likes on Instagram and a Niki Minaj Ass.

Or a million Youtube subscribers...

or a few million more Spotify fans...

Can't you see "They live" 1988 among you?

Put your glasses on so you can see what's right before you.

Consume, get married, buy, OBEY.

Go against them die today...

Or become famous on the news...

killed a million or more plus boos

of the many masses glued to the TV watching, paid endorses, spit the lies they disguised as truths.

All the stations know this too

but can't say what they want to you

without a hefty price to pay...

go against them die today.

Or be labeled...become famous!

As a traitor or a terrorist whatever your name is.

Can't you see, they live among us and look like me

or you or him or they or that.

You are their slave and that's a fact.

Forced to live your days in a prison without bars to serve an endless sentence and pay for endless sins and crimes you haven't made.

You have it made in your Porche and Escalade, making other people rich and bloody satisfy your greedy ways...

or become famous! And a nowhere man, making all kinds of nowhere plans, forced to Lennon down an Abbey Lane to a Catcher in a Rye sitting eerily on a bench mumbling to himself. “The phony must die, said the catcher in the rye...”

under MkUltra trance to hardly have remembered what occurred once come to our senses to find yourself encased in an unfamiliar smaller cage dangling by tighter puppet strings by Ghepetto's idle hands.

Pay attention ...

Lest we forget

an honourable mention to the poor suits of happiness

struggling aimlessly towards the golden carrot dangled by

The bourgeois bitch who makes you sit and stay and beg for breadcrumbs

on a piece of paper, you call pay.

"You first create thieves then punish them," in your unique Utopian way... for sins you incepted into our ways... "Our father who aren't in heaven," but inside you...

Who the fuck are you to oppress me when you're made of flesh and blood too?

I bow to no man. I'm made of Gods and shine like the stars too.

Preach only without words, touch only without hands.

Light up without lights...who?

Meditate and levitate beyond unbound by trivial obsessions, beyond material things, human emotions, like rage, stress, and depression.

And rise to unimaginable heights beyond the body and the self

and beyond the lights,

to the real heaven...

back to your inure truth

back to your infinite 9,

crazy 8...

or lucky 7.

Don't forget the sequence, which all these shit spirals and comes in.

Open up your eye

and look towards the sky...

your true home is beyond the cosmic path that starts connected to the nigh...

just release,

relinquish all the ego, and D-evil that's within

and embrace the light because although there in Yang it is nothing without Yin.

Follow the compass of your soul deep Tao to Dhammapada and find yourself waiting at the ends of hope (instead of rope)

Seek and ye shall find...

That your kingdom is within.You...


slam poetry
Inure  Muse
Inure Muse
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