Him and Her

King and Queen

Him and Her

what magic makes itself so known

when brought about from simple things

the wonder spills out from the mouth

of one whose made the crown his king

the future worship laid before

that brought a servant to his knees

and spelling out the dreadful course

repeated a role through strait disease

to push and push a mighty weight

the never ending, tired move

for ribbons, medals made to bring

some soft momentum, a soft improve

a soft suspension of the heart

a held content as deep and dark

as watery depths which, laid below

hide the most magnificent spark

inside the pressure of that ridge

down, darker, dank and cold

the prison of desires cage

which makes a soul so young to mold

in endless rage a fire burns

crackling flames beneath the weight

but even farther past that burn

comes a speech to contemplate

"come, let me bring you out of dim

with that you lie in and so scorn

for, to learn about my love

may help you feel, a calm adorn

and, once the feeling grows to truth

the silv’ry eyes which whisper great

tales of the height i have ascended

tales of the world i will soon create

here, look and see, the ideas so full

of bursting pleasure, giving ease

room to breath within my soul

as the upper waves sway to please”

and for a moment, i thought i saw

a glimpse of heaven among his hell

a forward push was all his mind

a soft release was his hearts swell

surreal poetry
Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman
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Nicholas Goodman

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