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Sometimes I can't take the silence.

By Nitu HowladerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
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Sometimes I can't take the silence

Sometimes I feel like

highway was made for me.

Highway is where l belong.

to walk on life or to walk out of life.

I just love to walk without knowing the destination.

I walk to think on my own.

The best part is l don't know what l will think.

I don't ignore any topic.

Nothing lasts forever. It is an addiction to walk and walk to watch and watch to search and search.

Sometimes noise just annoyingly awakens my brain cells .

Highway is a place where history repeats itself.

Highway is a place without stories.

Highway just transports stories here and there.

Highway is faster than a beating heart.

Highway is a jackpot. Highly terrified place.

When I walk on the highway I feel like l am mounting hills to go and live higher and higher.

I prefer to walk alone.

To go deep and breath fast.

I smell the happiness of my blood.

I smell wasted life.

Highway is busy so busy that's why highway is my spot.

I see people move forward .

Walking on the highway awakes my soul.

I feel that l want to live.

Highway is full of life without rhythm.

My heart beats faster.

Highway makes me so happy.

Hidden rhythm highway brings.

Highway never vanishes .

Beauty is hidden here.

Highway gathers people , vanishes people. Told you before highway transports.

Highway never quits.

Highway is made to move on .

Highway is made to celebrate time.

Highway indicates and gathers many things. Goodness , badness, madness.

Highway is cruel but kind.

You should celebrate your journey.

Never mind but sometimes I feel like the highway is where l belong.

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    Nitu HowladerWritten by Nitu Howlader

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