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Hey, fellow troublesome youngsters

Live Freestyle, Breath Freedom

By Nitu HowladerPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Hey, fellow troublesome youngsters
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Let's walk all the clouds.

Let's run, leave all the doubts.

Let’s climb

we’ll start from what’s within reach

on the top,

let’s be loud to the highest pitch.

Let's jump to get down

Let's live, forget about the crown.

Let's dive as heart beats.

Let's drive to see the streets.

Let's leave the fear and enter in the forest

Let's smile for once

maybe won't have another chance.

Let's go,

time flows faster than ocean

walk a little slow,

let's enjoy the sunshine.

Let's return to people

try to solve some riddles

let's ignore some of them

so that we can focus on a new game.

Let's go out in the rain.

Let’s embrace our pain.

Let's draw some stars to enjoy the dark

welcome back the sun

let's share our stories to have some fun.

Let’s hurt

when life becomes the hardest course,

stop by

let’s pause or run or maybe fly

let’s prepare for the worst.

Let's fight as hard as we can

to be a worthy friend.

Let's love as we die.

Let's stop for a moment

look back for a moment

to say goodbye.



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Nitu Howlader

Rhythm Without Regulation

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