Hero's Tale

A poem about happiness

Hero's Tale

If you get offended when I say happiness is a choice,

you are part of the problem.

Many of us have met people at much less fortunate life situations,

people who despite their problems offer smiles and kindness.

People who just say happiness is a choice

are part of the problem

because it is so much more than that.

No, plastering on a ceramic smile is not the answer.

No, hiding your troubles from the people you love is not the answer.

The wording of this phrase is inherently faulty,

but it is the easiest way to describe to those who understand.

Well, I'm trying to reach the one's who don't understand.

I say I chose happiness in around 5th grade

and when I say I "chose to be happy", here's what I really mean;

I would accept my mistakes because they make me stronger.

I would look in the mirror and find things to love about myself

because I am no better or worse than anyone else.

I would be there for others in need because I know what it's like to feel alone.

I would not let insults infect my brain because the person who spoke them

must be in so much pain.

I would find the light in every dark situation

because there always is one.

I would not give up.

I would be positive.

Choosing happiness is not the same as choosing not to get sad or upset.

In fact, it's about appreciating every emotion

because shadows and sunlight

do not exist without one another.

Because emotion is our best teacher,

emotion is the most beautiful thing about being human.

Life goes on.

There will always be times of hurt,

and times of healing.

Deep, scarring pain is not just a reaction to an internal injury,

it is also the potential of how much joy can fill your heart in the future.

It's o.k. to cry.

It' o.k. to be mad

or scared or feeling alone.

But when it keeps you from moving on,


is the problem.

Tell your story,

show the world the strength in your weakness,

make your voice heard.

Don't cut that story short at the conflict

because you rob yourself of the glorious resolution.

In the end it's not a matter of choosing happiness,

it's choosing to live.

The smile is just a side effect.

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Elizabeth Biz Diedrick
Elizabeth Biz Diedrick
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