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By Elizabeth Biz DiedrickPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

If I was a superhero

I wish only for something simple

a messenger to say "don't give up"

before the blade goes too deep

before the foot steps over the edge

before the pills are swallowed

to will people to go on

when they feel everything is wrong

I wish not to block every troublesome event

not to push out all wrongdoings

I wish only a smile after a sea of tears

I will not be a protector

but a healer

There are things all must go through

for the life they have come to

I wish not to destroy the problems

to erase the darkness

but to make sure every step

is a step forward

a smile, a laugh, a kiss

the true beauty in life

the touch after years of neglect

the happiness after the brink of despair

the sight after experiencing blindness

finding the true hero in yourself

after looking in all the wrong places

I wish not to be a protector, a barricade

because if I keep pulling up every sunset

they will never see the dawn.

slam poetry

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