Her Sparkle

Something we all have.

Her Sparkle

Her sparkle was gone.

She had a wonderful sparkle in her eyes.

Something she showed off to the world.

Each person who would see her, would beam in joy from seeing her.

But that sparkle, soon faded.

Loosing each bit of magic it had.

When it first started, only her eyes dulled.

She lost her bright smile.

She lost her passion for creating.

She lost her passion for music.

She lost her passion for believing.

She soon lost her passion in living.

I never really thought that she would.

I never thought I would lose that part of me.

I never thought that in a blink of my own eye.

It would be gone.

But still inside me, it sits.

A dull spark waiting to be ignited.

Ignited by someone who would care.

Someone with those same passions to give back.

Someone she finally met.

Someone who brought that life back to her eyes.

That someone who brought her passion back.

Someone that brought her passion for creating.

For music.

For believing.

FOR LIFE, because he showed her how to live.

And sometimes now, she thinks.

Maybe, just maybe, he needed someone to show him how to love.

And maybe, she needed someone to show her how to live.

And finally,

That sparkle was re-ignited.

That sparkle turned into a burning flame of passion.

That sparkle brought her back to life.

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