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Her Musical Crave

Is it a Blessing or an Addiction?

By Stella Yan PhDPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
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She craves for the music never to end.

The melodic soft blanket has been embracing her tight, pacifying her racing heart, and bestowing a radiating warmth through her body and infusing deep into her soul. She finds herself hooked to this transcendental security that could, as long as the music still goes on, shields her from her innermost tumult and the utter disgrace of the fallen world.

As her breaths trail the beats more closely, she starts to breathe out her distress and anguish. As her chest rises and falls in resonance with the melodic highs and lows, she finds herself dancing with her feelings and emotions in harmony.

Who is the One who created music? His insane almighty power paints the world aloud as each beat sounds. Arrangements of ups and downs are cryptic codes to unravel the chest of emotions locked up and laid deep in every heart. She has never been face to face with the Almighty, but His musical providence has brought her as close to divinity as the whole world could.

As the final chord struck and the last note fades, she is left with a subtle unease. Has the music's sacred power transformed into a renewed inner strength? Or has it become chains binding her to a consuming addiction? Can one song be sung and then the whole person changed? Or are songs like drugs, manufactured because merchants know people will get addicted to them?

Now only time will tell, will her life fully resound with the music she loves or fade into an echo chamber where addiction roars?


About the Creator

Stella Yan PhD

PhD in Physics. Residing in the US. Deeply engaged in the exploration of math, science, and personal introspection; truly amazed by the mysteries of the universe and the complexities of the human mind.

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  • Manisha Dhalani2 months ago

    The paragraph about subtle unease - wow!

  • Daphsam2 months ago

    Well written interesting story!

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