Her Battle Within

They say our worse enemy is our own reflection

Her Battle Within
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Battle Within

Can you see the pain in her eyes

Can you hear it when she speaks

A soul shattered within

Yet her heart somehow still beats 

Can you see the tears 

Dried upon her face

Hidden behind her make up

To get through another long day

She hides it to so well 

So no one can see 

All the broken pieces of what's left

She holds it in so deep 

A scarred girl 

With A broken past 

Longed to be accepted 

Tho they judged her every step

With the biggest heart

She had so much love to give

But It was their daily routine

To break her lively spirit within 

If it wasn't one thing 

It was the other 

A constant battle 

She had to fight to pull herself together

On the outside

The world seen her laughter n smiles

Blind to see the war within 

She been fighting behind close doors

Fighting off the negativity 

They constantly put in her 

A heart longed to be loved 

Though she felt she was never enough

Nights she cried to sleep

Asking god why

What did I do to deserve

So much pain in my life?

She never realized it was within herself

She cared too much how they felt

That's when she opened her eyes

God only puts his strongest soljahs

Thru the biggest trials 

To learn to grow 

From every obstacle that comes along

That's when she was able to see

The battle she was fighting

Was in the mirror 

Lookin back at me

Loata Moala 

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Loata Moala (PoeticLegend)
Loata Moala (PoeticLegend)
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