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Heartless Dream

That girl

By Marie Cadette Pierre-LouisPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Heartless Dream
Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

As we were cuddling on white blankets

Our souls fled to the wilderness

Where we discovered an estranged heart

Snoring like a sad rhythm

While sleeping in a molded nest


I believed my body could sense my soul departing

As if I were the victim of a trance

Which made me question my reasoning


Once broken hearts fell outside of the chest

One is abandoned and is perished in sorrow

There may be humans where there are hearts

However, no human being can live without a heart


Therein appeared that girl

With open chest and arms

The body was drenched with blood

And the teeth were as red as hell


I kept having goosebumps

For the blood smelled like my blanket

The heart’s muscles and veins were thin as my skin


I thus took the tiny heart

It was soft on the outside

But heavy like a wet sponge on the inside


As I was heading back to my dreamless sleep

My eyes touched this girl’s skin

As she was caressing her opened chest

We melted together

She was me in no world

I was her in a heartless dream

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Marie Cadette Pierre-Louis

Hey, it's Marie! I enjoy writing poem and amazing sotries :)

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    Marie Cadette Pierre-LouisWritten by Marie Cadette Pierre-Louis

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