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The Painful Journey of Love Lost and Lessons Learned

By Michael Published 2 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Marah Bashir on Unsplash

Heartbreak comes like a thief in the night,

Stealing away all that was once bright.

It comes in waves, crashing down,

Leaving you lost and feeling drowned.

It's a pain that lingers in your chest,

A feeling that won't let you rest.

It's the tears that stain your face,

And the memories that time can't erase.

Heartbreak is a journey of its own,

A path that must be walked alone.

It's a road full of twists and turns,

A journey that sometimes never returns.

It's the emptiness that fills the air,

A silence that's too much to bear.

It's the hope that slowly fades away,

Leaving you with nothing left to say.

But in the end, heartbreak teaches us,

It shows us what we're capable of.

It makes us stronger, in our own way,

And helps us to face another day.


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This writer brings characters and worlds to life with vivid descriptions and compelling narratives. They transport readers to different times and places, leaving them longing for more.

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