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A Poem


Laying here with tears running down my face and thoughts of you running through my mind.

Thoughts of what could've been. Thoughts of those moments I try so hard to forget.

The tears remind me that your gone when my heartaches for you to want me.

My mind is racing trying to figure out what happened, what could've made you stay. But at the same time, trying so hard to push all the thoughts of you to the side.

Something changed. I could feel it for days, you slowly drifting away. Me constantly worried about what was happening. Me gripping onto you harder and harder and you slowly let go of me more and more. I could sense that something was happening. But I believed you, I believed you when you told me not to worry about it. I should've kept my guard up, I should've not let you in so quickly and let myself fall so fast. I thought you were falling too. Maybe that's why you left... but I'll never know. You left me with tears in my eyes and a text message in my phone.

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