Heart Broken

Love hurts.

Heart Broken

And now here comes winter, as the cold breeze weather embraces my skin, the wind freezes my heart deep within, as you spoke the words i never wanted to hear, your words goodbyes brought my eyes to tear, my heart was shattered into tiny pieces, as I watched you walk away left me in dazed, sadness, and sorrow surrounded me all over the place, and all I recall was the sound of your foot steps fading away, I cried over you every single day.

As the day passes by and the weather is burning cold, finding a place for my story to be told, for my cries and lonely nights to be heard, to hold me and embrace me when I'm scared, to find a place to warmth my skin, so many places I have been, and so many faces I have seen, still don't know how to cure this pain.

I'm lost that now you're gone, asking myself what have I done, love is such a big word, but left my heart lonely in this world, now I need to face tomorrow all alone, and start my life a new and move on.

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